Airtel Digital TV

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Welcome to the new world of digital entertainment through Airtel Digital TV Connection which provides superior video quality and sound quality along with many new eras interactive features. Airtel Digital TV is one of the most popular and leading Television Service Providers in India.


Some of the key features which makes the people to choose Airtel Digital TV Connection are the universal remote, digital video recorder, MPEG4 DVB S2 sound and picture, unique interactive services etc. Interactive service is something which allows the viewers to shop, book movie tickets etc. Airtel has also introduced Mobile Vehicle solution which helps the people to watch Live TV while travelling. Airtel Digital TV Connection is claimed to be high definition (HD).


Airtel Digital TV Connection is available in 62 cities in India. It has over 194 channels and it is available in different packages. People can choose the packages according to ones preference. Packages start with an amount of Indian Rupees (INR) 1,590 for a 3-month subscription.

The basic Airtel Digital TV Connection Price list is as follows-

  • Airtel digital TV (standard box) Price - Rs.999
  • Airtel HD TV Price – Rs.2,499
  • FREE installation and FREE home delivery


Airtel Digital TV account can be recharged very quickly and easily using online and offline Airtel Digital TV payment services. The following are the ways by which one can instantly recharge the account.

  • Net Banking/Debit/Credit Card
  • Recharge Voucher
  • ECS/Standing Instruction
  • MChek

Net Banking/Debit/Credit Card

Airtel Digital TV payment can be done with the net banking facility of the banks using the banks website. Online Bill payment or Insta sevices can also be used through net banking. Airtel Digital TV account can also be recharged by calling customer care IVR at 12150 from airtel mobile number or 18001028080 from any other number.

Recharge Voucher

Recharge Vouchers are available in different forms. They are web recharge, SMS recharge, retailer recharge or one can buy recharge vouchers from any of the retailers or oxygen outlets. This can also be done by calling customer care IVR at 12150 from airtel mobile number or 18001028080 from any other number.

Ecs/Standing Instruction

Airtel Digital TV payment can also be done by authorizing ones Airtel Digital TV account to debit the amount directly from ones bank account or from the credit card as instructed in the form. This Airtel Digital TV payment will be automatically done when the balance reaches the limit which is defined by the customer. To avail this facility, customers have to register by sending a form with all the relevant details.


MChek allows the customer to make the Airtel Digital TV payment using an airtel mobile number. Customers have to register the airtel mobile number with the credit card issuing bank to get a One Time Password (OTP) to avail this facility. mChek also can be done using the Airtel IVR, SMS or easy recharge from the nearest retail outlet.