Airtel Digital Tv Recharge Offers

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There are plenty of Airtel Digital TV recharge offersavailable these days that offer many additional services complimentary with the main package. Some such Airtel Digital TV recharge offers include:

  1. Ultra Pack available for Rs 360 per month
  2. This is one of the best Airtel Digital TV recharge offers which offer three interactive services and two hundred and twelve channels. Additionally, one can enjoy complimentary subscription of Ultra pack for another month and an international holiday voucher of Rs 1000/-.

  3. Mega Pack available for Rs 290/- per month
  4. Of all Airtel Digital TV recharge offers; this is the most valuable pack which offers 196 channels and two interactive services. Additionally, it offers complimentary holiday couchers, one month free subscription to the same pack and cash back offer.

  5. Economy Sports Pack for Rs 220 per month
  6. In this pack there is a combination of two interactive services and 176 channels. This also offers same complimentary packages as the above two packages.

  7. South Mega Pack available at Rs 325 every month
  8. This is one of the Airtel Digital TV new offers which have a lot to offer its viewers including 191 channels consisting of south channels and one interactive service. It offers a complimentary 45 days subscription along with cashback and internation holiday vouchers.

  9. South Economy Sports Pack at  Rs 215 per month
  10. One can also enjoy South Economy Sports pack amongst Airtel Digital TV new offers which has 177 channels to offer along with one interactive service. The advantage of this pack is that it offers complimentary two months subscription to the same pack. Rest features are same as the above mentioned packs.

  11. South Economy Sports at Rs 215 every month
  12. This package amongst Airtel Digital TV new offers has 177 channels to offer and one interactive service. It also gives the benefit of two months free subscription to South Economy Sports on purchase and a cash back and international holiday vouchers.